Author: Hasanthi

Difference Between Digital Native and Digital Nomad

It’s true that the two phrases digital native and digital nomad both are to do with the advancement of technology and people’s ability to use this technology, but they refer to two completely different concepts. The term digital native implies a person’s familiarity and comfort level with computers and the internet, whereas the term digital […]

Digital Nomad vs Remote Worker: Learn the Difference

It’s true that the two terms digital nomad and remote worker have very similar concepts. Both refer to those who work outside of the office, using the help of modern technology. But what’s the difference between digital nomad and remote worker? Digital nomad vs remote worker: A digital nomad is a type of remote worker. […]

Best Decorating Tips for Home Office with No Windows

A home office with no windows can be a gloomy and dreary place to work in. It can easily make you feel tired and bored and have an adverse effect on your work. But there are many things you can do to bring light to the office and brighten up the space. Appropriate lighting, brightening […]

How to Identify Fiverr Scams (for Fiverr Sellers)

Fiverr is a gold mine for skilled professionals who want to start their careers in remote work or freelancing. I highly recommend it for newcomers because it’s the platform where I started my freelance journey. It gives you a lot of experience in dealing with various clients, understanding complex requirements for projects, and delivering perfect […]

What is a Digital Nomad Visa and How Do You Get One?

The digital nomad visa is a new type of visa that allows people to live in a country for a certain amount of time and work remotely. This type of visa has been introduced by many countries around the world. Countries like Germany, Greece, Thailand, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia have all introduced this […]

What Internet Speed Do You Need to Work from Home?

A stable internet connection is the first thing you need to work from home. A slow internet connection can decrease your productivity and make you lose interest in work. This is why you need to make sure that you have an internet connection with a decent speed. In this article, we will explain all about […]

6 Types of Hybrid Remote Work Models and Their Pros and Cons

Hybrid work, which is often described as the future of remote work, is a work mode that combines the best features of remote work and office work to varying degrees. Hybrid work is not exactly a new concept, but it has become more popular in recent years due to the changing work culture and the […]

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