What Internet Speed Do You Need to Work from Home?

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A stable internet connection is the first thing you need to work from home. A slow internet connection can decrease your productivity and make you lose interest in work. This is why you need to make sure that you have an internet connection with a decent speed. In this article, we will explain all about “what internet speed do you need to work from home?”

For a single person working from home, we recommend a download speed of 5 – 25 Mbps. With this speed, you can easily send and receive emails, browse the web, and participate in audio and video calls over the internet. But if you are a heavy internet user and work in fields related to gaming, video streaming, or graphic designing, you may need a higher internet speed.

How Much Internet Speed Do You Need to Work from Home?

The internet speed you need to work from home might depend on many factors, such as the number of people using your internet connection, the nature of your work (what do you do online), and the number of devices you plan to use.

But before you go into detail about internet speeds, you need to know a few important technical terms related to it.

Download speed – This is the speed at which your internet connection retrieves data from the internet. In other words, it describes how quickly you can access things online. The faster your download speed, the faster the websites, videos, and other things will load.

Upload speed – This is the speed at which your internet connection allows data to be sent from your device to the internet. In other words, it describes how quickly you can send things over the internet.

Mbps – Mbps is the unit we use to measure broadband speed. Mbps stands for ‘megabits per second’. Therefore, Mbps measure how many megabits we can send or receive per second.

Latency – This is the delay before a transfer of data begins following an instruction for its transfer. Now that you have a better idea about internet speeds, let’s look at some common activities we do over the internet and the internet speeds we require for them.

Download Speeds for Online Activities – Table

Online ActivityMinimum Download Speed
General Browsing and Email 1 Mbps
Streaming Online RadioLess than 0.5 Mbps
VoIP CallsLess than 0.5 Mbps
File Downloading10 Mbps
Social Media1 Mbps
Streaming Standard Definition Video3 – 4 Mbps
Streaming High Definition (HD) Video5 – 8 Mbps
Streaming Ultra HD 4K Video25 Mbps
Game Console Connecting to the Internet    3 Mbps
Standard Personal Video Call (e.g., Skype)1 Mbps
HD Video Teleconferencing6 Mbps

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) recommends a download speed between 5 – 25 Mbps for remote work. If you are someone who uses internet for email, web browsing, and basic video functions, this speed is more than enough for you.

As a full-time remote writer and editor, I have been using an internet speed of 20mpbs for many years now. This is a screenshot of the internet speed test I performed with Fast.com

What Internet Speed Do You Need to Work from Home

But if your internet connection is used by more than one person or if you use many high-demand applications like streaming HD video or online gaming, then you may need a higher internet speed.

What is the Minimum Internet Speed for Working from Home?

As I explained above, the right internet speed for you will depend on your online activities. But in general, one person working from home will require at least 5 Mbps download speed and 1 Mbps upload speed.

What is a Good Upload Speed for Working from Home?

Most broadband packages mainly focus on download speeds. In fact, this is the main thing most of us pay attention to when we hear the word ‘internet speed.’ But upload speed is just as important as download speed.

Make sure your minimum upload speed is at least 1 Mbps. But if your internet connection is used by multiple people or if you have to upload large files to the internet, like streaming on YouTube, sending videos or graphic designs to clients, then you will need a higher upload speed, typically around 50 Mbps.

What’s The Recommended Internet Speed for Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing requires higher download and upload speeds than other online activities. A standard personal video call like a Skype call requires at least 1 Mbps download speed, but HD video multi-party video conferencing needs around 6 Mbps.

The table below will give you an idea about the recommended internet speed for video conferencing.

Type of VideoUpload SpeedDownload Speed
Zoom (group calling)3 Mbps2.5 Mbps
Google Hangouts and Google Meet3.2 Mbps3.2 Mbps
Slack   600 Kbps2 Mbps
Skype128 Kbps    8 Mbps

Is 50mbps Good for Working from Home?

50mbps is a good internet speed for working from home. With this internet speed, you can telecommute seamlessly while using social media or streaming videos in your free time. 50mbps even supports multiple users sharing the internet connection.

Is 30mbps Good for Working From Home?

30mbs is a good speed as long as you are the only one using the internet connection and you don’t use high-demand applications like game streaming.

In this article, we presented you with many facts about internet speed for work from home – both download speeds and upload speeds. We hope reading this article has helped you to clear your doubt on the questions: what internet speed do you need to work from home?

What Internet Speed Do You Need to Work from Home?

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