Where To Put a Printer in Home Office?

Printers are an indispensable device for both your home and office. But a printer can take some space in your office and can make your office look cluttered. A big printer may not also blend into the background of your home office and create an eyesore in your otherwise attractive office setup. This is why you need to pay some attention when deciding where to put a printer in home office.

Some Tips to Follow When Choosing the Right Location for Your Printer

Before discussing the right location to place your printer,  you should know the following tips about printer storage:

Your printer should always be kept in a location that is safe from the elements – a location that is not too humid, too dry, or too cold.

You should ideally keep the printer on a flat surface. Keeping it slanted can result in ink leaks.

Keep it away from windows with direct sunlight and dust infiltration. The components of the printer will heat up in the sun and may have an effect on the quality of your ink.

Keep it away from locations with vibrations and shocks

Make sure to place your printer with the bottom down if you need to put it in storage for a while. This is the proper position to store a printer.

If you have no other option, you can place your printer on the ground. The drawbacks of this position are the need to bend every time you print, the cable mess on the floor, and the susceptibility to dust.

The components of the printer shouldn’t be buried under other materials that put a strain on them. To safeguard you and the printer, make sure your office space is always well ventilated.

If the printer is wired, make sure to place it close to an electric outlet for easy access. But if it’s wireless, you can place it anywhere you want. (Read more on how to hide wires in a home office)

Where To Put a Printer in Home Office?

1. On Your Office Desk

The most obvious place for your printer is your office desk. This is very easy to reach, and you don’t have to spend hours brainstorming creative ideas about printer storage. You can easily print whatever you want whenever you want without having to move from your desk.

But there are several problems with this easy solution. Placing your printer on your home office desk can take up a lot of space, especially if your printer is a big and clunky one. It can also ruin the pleasing office setup you created with so much care and attention.

2. On Your Side Table

Another easy solution is placing your printer on a smaller side table adjacent to your desk. If you choose a side table with wheels, you can even move your printer around whenever you want. But first, make sure that the side table is strong enough to hold the printer stably.

How to Hide a Printer in Home Office?

If you feel that a heavy printer can make your home office look cluttered and ugly, you can also easily hide the printer. There are several creative methods of hiding a printer in your home office.

Keep Your Printer in a Drawer

If your desk has large drawers, you can hide your printer in one of these drawers. But first, make sure that the drawer is big and strong enough to hold the printer. You have to also make sure that the drawer can be closed comfortably. For this method, sliding drawers are preferred over drawers with swing-out doors.

Mount a Shelf under the Desk

You can create an extra shelf under your office desk to place your printer, depending on the width of the desk and the size of the printer. This is a good solution if your home office is small and there is no space for another piece of furniture.

Camouflage Your Printer on a Display Rack or a Bookshelf

By strategically inserting your printer into your bookshelf or display rack, you can make sure it doesn’t stand out from other items on the shelf or rack. Place your black printer, for example, on a shelf with dark book covers or black ornament. Alternatively, if you have a white printer, pair it with a white bookshelf with light-colored book covers and position it against a white wall. Keeping the electric cords will also help in this camouflage.

Make a DIY Cover for Your Printer

You can easily make a DIY cover for your printer and hide it in plain sight. If you’re not good at sewing, repurpose an old bed skirt by fitting it into a bookcase. In this manner, you can conceal your big printer without having to purchase more furniture. Another simple alternative is to hang plain fabric as a sort of curtain. The fabric should be held in place with heavy-duty double-sided tape. If you want a non-permanent, low-cost remedy, you can also use fabric.

Some Printer Storage Ideas

Here are some printer storage ideas to help you cleverly store your printer, helping you save space in your home office, and make your home look organized.

Where To Put a Printer in Home Office?

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